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          Jinpeng Aluminum has an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons. The company has

          a standard workshop of 130,000m. It has a 5000 MT extrusion line with a profile width of

          600mm  extrusion lines of 2 ,500 MT, 1,800 MT, 1000 MT  600MT,total 26 extrusion

          lines. There are 2 automatic vertical spraying lines, 1 horizontal fluorocarbon spraying line,

          3 horizontal electrophoresis lines,  8 wood grain lines. The total number of employees is

          900, including 40 technical management staff, 55 professional quality management staff, 3

          after- sales service staff,  5 R&D staff. Among them, management  technical talents 

          with college education  above account for 25%.