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          Installation steps of invisible window screen

          2020-03-04 06:30:32

          Invisible screen window is our essential artifact in summer, almost every household has to use it, invisible screen window production is so simple, as everybody knows, invisible screen window is the screen window gauze can automatic rewinding, mainly is for the use of ventilation anti-mosquito, framework is tightly attached to the window frame, when wanting to use the yarn net, when yarn network automatically roll back to the network box. It doesn't take up space it's airtight. With high-grade household decorates photograph to coordinate, invisible screen window is the invisible on real meaning, the design principle of invisible screen window, it is material line diameter is very fine only, do observe carefully the elephant is to do have screen window is similar, say it is the invisible on real meaning so.

          Invisible screen window can be divided into three types according to the way of use, curtain invisible screen window, folding invisible screen window tile fixed screen window. Before two more popular common in recent years, especially the scroll invisible screen window appeared a wind model, USES the strong edge wrap cloth gallas the perfect combination of the chain, the edge is run yarn, commonly used screens with glass fiber yarn, glass fiber yarn polyester yarn is plain weave, we commonly used is glass fiber plain weave yarn, the north with black is more, the south more with gray, but the black veil is higher than grey yarn strength, textile mill in the production of yarn to add carbon black, black grey yarn production to add grey paint. Carbon black itself is a stabilizer adhesive, which is why crape yarns are stronger than grey yarns. Polyester yarns are strong but fire-resistant, have been banned in some cities such as Beijing.

          So, how to install invisible window screen? Today, small make up for you to introduce the installation of window screen steps, I hope to help you!

          One: the box that assembles square

          Put the box on the top, two air slots on the left right sides of the box, bottom on the bottom, make a square box. Then use six screws, two at the point the yarn box the two air slots meet, four at the point the two air slots the bottom touch, two on each side, one at the bottom one at the side. With these six screws holding the square frame in place, we can proceed to the next step.

          Two: choose window screen to put position

          Next you can place the screen it needs to be installed. It is important to note that the box should be vertical; Two wind troughs should be placed in the middle, ensure that the distance between both sides of the window frame should be the same, to achieve left right symmetry; The bottom cannot be placed directly above the window frame, should be placed below the window frame about 5 centimeters position. When these a few focal points have been decided, with clip simple fix is ok.

          Three: eyelet, screw fixed invisible screen

          The next step is to use an electric drill, which is located on the inside of the window frame's strap, holes in the two air slots bottom positions. When using an electric drill, a 3.2mm drill bit is most suitable. The number of holes according to their needs, 6-14 can be played. Finally, in the hole position, install the supporting screws, invisible screen is installed.



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