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          Toughened glass door installation of 7 steps

          2020-03-04 10:30:44

          Installation procedure of toughened glass door

          1, line positioning

          The line is mainly for the pin hole plate ground spring rotating shaft connection plate positioning. There are upper lower metal bars on the toughened glass door, the marking should be completed in the two metal bars.

          2. Cut toughened glass

          If the toughened glass door does meet the installation size, it is very troublesome to rework, so you should be accurate when you start to measure. The measurement of toughened glass mainly includes the width height of glass plate. When measuring the width of the glass plate, measure at the bottom, middle top respectively, choose the minimum size as the cutting width. If the top, middle, bottom results are consistent, reduce the measured size by 3-5mm for the cutting width of the glass. Similarly, the height of the glass plate should include the installation site the upper lower rung is inserted, so it is generally cut to be less than the measured data of 3-5mm.

          After vitreous board is cut by dimension, need to undertake chamfering treatment to 4 corners normally. If it is chamfering on the site of the workers, in order to prevent the Angle collapse, the use of fine sand wheel block slowly fine grinding operation.

          3. Fix the bottom bracket

          Glass door bottom bracket has two kinds of material, one is a wood bottom bracket, one is aluminum alloy square tube. Stainless steel veneer wood base can be fixed with wooden wedge nail; If it is an aluminum alloy square tube, it can be fixed on the frame with an aluminum Angle, a wooden wedge can be embedded, then fixed on the wooden wedge with a wooden screw.

          4. Install toughened glass door fans

          Use the glass sucker to place the glass plate in position. Insert the upper part of the glass plate into the limit slot in the door frame, then place the lower part of the glass plate in the seam of the facing surface of the bottom bracket. Nail the wood bar on the bottom bracket wood square, brush glue on the wood bar about 4mm away the glass plate surface, fix the glass plate on the bottom bracket.

          5. Rubber seal

          The glass plate is fixed thick, in the top of the limit slot the bottom bracket of the fixed place, as well as the glass plate frame column seam, such as injection glue seal. Use a piece of plastic to scrape the glue off both sides of the slit clean the debris. Be careful when cleaning debris, try to use razor blades other sharp objects.

          6. Fix the upper lower rung of the door

          After the height of the door fan is determined, in the gap between the two sides of the glass plate the entry exit rail, at the same time by the two sides of the small wood inserted, tap firmly, in the small wood, door glass rail between the formation of the gap between the injection of glass glue, then as above method to deal with debris.

          7. Fixed movable door

          There is a locating pin on the crossbeam of the door frame of toughened glass door. Adjust the adjusting screw of locating pin to the plane of crossbeam 1-2mm. Make the glass door fan stand up, align the hole position of the rotating pin connector in the horizontal bar of the door fan with the rotating pin shaft of the ground spring, rotate the door fan so that the hole position is set on the rotating pin shaft. The door fan rotates 90° forms a right Angle with the door frame beam. Align the hole of the rotating connector in the horizontal bar on the door fan with the locating pin on the door frame beam insert the locating pin into the hole about 15mm.


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