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          Old Windows new Windows, you need to know this!

          2020-03-05 11:35:42

          Windows doors renovation, almost all of the second decoration cases are necessary to replace the doors Windows of the project, the price of high-quality doors Windows is low, the owner before the replacement of doors Windows, should consider a variety of relevant issues, such as:

          Which doors Windows need to be changed?

          What kind of doors Windows to replace?

          How should all sorts of doors Windows choose to wait

          Below one by one for you need Windows doors renovation owners answer:

          1. Determine the doors Windows that need to be replaced

          The key that updates door window depends on ageing degree decide, if ageing is serious, want to brush lacquer afresh only good, but if it is ageing very serious, for example wood door window peeling deformation, steel door window main body rusting craze, for the sake of safe beautiful consideration, should change entirely new.

          The other hand depends on decorating fund enough. If the money is enough, then you can choose medium high-end door window products, improve the overall comfort of the building, such as thermal insulation performance superior door window products.

          if the budget is insufficient, can choose the door window product of quality medium, its safe coefficient also can get effective assurance below the circumstance that can achieve the environment is more comfortable, if the quality that enters door of guard against theft is good for instance, change door lock to go only.

          Two, the material of understanding door window

          Should choose the profile of which kind of brand clearly?

          The quality of profile will decide the class of whole door window, sealing sex ageing wait for a problem, do be in the market "price is low model steel door window" fuzzy concept place delude.

          The door window material at present basically has model steel door window, broken bridge aluminium alloy door window to wait.

          The door window of different material qualitative advantage disadvantage price differ same, owner needs to combine his demand economic condition, choose the most appropriate door window material.

          No matter be the door window that decides to choose which kind of material to pledge finally, should study the method of distinguishing bad of this kind of material carefully.

          Suggest window of window of choose buy must go to normal building materials market, choose the product that normal manufacturer produces, roadside small stall son its processing equipment is crude, precision intensity cannot assure at all.

          Especially plastic steel doors Windows, they do plastic steel doors Windows lining steel quality is poor, even without lining steel, other accessories are also very poor. Of course, owner itself also needs to have the ability of distinguishing material certain, for example window of window of model steel, whether the wall thickness that tests a profile achieves 2.5mm, whether satisfy relevant standard requirement.

          Three, the door window changes the general process

          Consultation property: at present many community property regulation, to maintain the appearance of unity, can privately change the door window material, shape color.

          Therefore, in the replacement of facade doors Windows, the need to consult the property first, to see whether to agree to the installation. Door window changes commonly need to do well at the beginning of decorating, then ability undertakes next decorate construction.

          Door window manufacturers door-to-door measurement: in the early to do a full understanding preparation, choose the right door window manufacturers. General door window manufacturer can have technical personnel to carry on the spot measurement investigation.

          After on-site measurement, technicians need to produce drawings make quotation. Then if the owner approves the proposal, the door window manufacturer processes the product according to the proposal, the general product production period is 20-30 days. After the product is finished, you can begin to dismantle the old doors Windows install new doors Windows.

          Demolish old door window stage decorates money to have clever move

          As the saying goes, old welcome, remove the old to fill out the new position. Before the new doors Windows are installed, the old doors Windows need to be removed first. Old door window cannot tear open too early, tear down commonly old door window immediately install new door window. The old doors Windows that tear down can't be thrown away as garbage, it still can depreciate, help owner save a sum of money!


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