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          How to distinguish tempered glass ordinary glass

          2020-03-06 11:55:22

          How to distinguish tempered glass ordinary glass?

          1. Look at glass signs

          See whether the 3C mark that vitreous edge horn has toughen, dozen 3C mark (the kind that cannot scrape off) basically is toughened glass. The processing procedure of toughened glass is to cut the ordinary float glass into the required size, then edge grinding, cleaning, with ink hit the country compulsory certification CCC mark, into the furnace after the glass is in the cutting processing. the ink through the general condition of high temperature is scraped off. (if the 3C mark on your glass can be removed by hand, it's probably fake tempered glass.)

          2. See if there is any slight deformation

          the side to see whether the glass has a slight deformation, because the glass through high temperature after firing, there will be a slight deformation of the phenomenon, this can only be seen the side of the glass, the front is generally easy to see.

          Look at the pieces of glass

          Common glass is broken after the large sheet, there is a sharp Angle, easy to hurt people. When tempered glass is broken, it is grainy, with blunt edges corners that are easy to hurt.


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